Monday, April 12, 2010

Vinyl Side of the Week: George McCrae's "Rock Your Baby" - Side B.

This is my new weekly feature - won't always been on Mondays, but it will always happen - every week I'm going to rip the side from one of my favorite records. I've got a lot of pretty varied stuff and I figure this is a way to give back to so many of the DJs who have given me music. You're going to hear some cracks and pops in some of the records, as some are well over 40 years old. Hope that's okay. Others are pretty new and will still sound damn nice. Regardless, I'm not going to do any touching up of the records - just the original vinyl sound.

For this week, I've chosen the B side of George McCrae's 1974 release Rock Your Baby. It's 8 tracks (well, it's really 9, but the last track is just a reprise of "Rock Your Baby") and I chose the 2nd side because we've all got "Rock Your Baby" in our digital crates to begin with (or you should. If you don't.... please add it) and I figured giving you just the reprise version of "Rock Your Baby" would be good enough.

I found this at the record store "In Your Ear" in Cambridge, MA (or Boston, I can't remember which store I found it in - but I feel pretty confident that it was the Cambridge location) back in 2004 and whoever had it before me was obviously also a DJ as they marked up the record cover and record quite a bit with some information.


"Look At You"
"Make It Right"
"I Need Somebody Like You"
"I Get Lifted"
"Rock Your Baby (Reprise)"

Every track was produced, written, and arranged by H.W. Casey and Richard Finch.

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  1. If Gary Coleman was taller and had a tash and was still alive he would look the spitting image of George McCrae

    that is all